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  1. Beach bum meets geek! Russell Winter, who lives on Australia’s Sunshine Coast, has been involved with the Joomla! community since the early days. He worked for forum.joomla.org and helped organise the very first Joomla Day Australia.

  2. As covered a fewtimesalready in the magazine and announced in the Developer Portal, Joomla 3.10 will be released together with 4.0 and will then be supported for two years after its initial release.

  3. “Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself,” is a famous Eleanor Roosevelt quote. In this article series, we list the most common mistakes users make when choosing and using extensions for their Joomla website(s), and how you can avoid them.

  4. Wilco Alsemgeest has been a Joomla volunteer for years and despite his election as Operations Department Coordinator is recent, he has contributed to the activities of the Board of Directors of OSM for months, actively supporting the DCs and the Officers in charge.

  5. Unlike other open-source CMS projects, Joomla is fully volunteer-driven. This means there’s no large company behind it and no corporate interests to take into account. We have a genuinely non-profit organisation, Open Source Matters, facilitating the project by providing financial, legal and organisational support. Every penny Joomla gets from partnerships and sponsors goes directly into the project, and no one contributing to Joomla gets paid. So why do we do it?